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to err is human

vocab about reading

drop out to leave school, college, etc without finishing your studies.
sauce a thick liquid that is eaten with food to add flavour to it.
pot a container made of glass, clay or plastic, used for storing food in.
clock in to record the time at which you arrive at work, especially by putting a card into a machine.
sack to dismiss somebody from a job.
overqualified having more experience or training than is necessary for a particular job, so that people do not want to employ you.
drop to fall or let sth fall by accident.
apply to make a formal request, usually in writing, for sth such as a job,a place at college or university.
skip to not do sth that you usually do or should do.
part-time for part of the day or week in which people work.
overtime time that you spend working at your job after you have worked the normal hours.
odd jobs jobs of various types.
brake a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle
Created by: Gabina