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Root Words

Pre Before
Pro For, Forward
Re Again
Sub Under
-able, -ible Able to
-er, -or Doer
-ism Practice Of
-ist One Who is occupied With
-less Lacking
-aqua Water
cred believe
duc, duct To lead, pull
Dic, Dict Say, Speak
Ambi, Amb On both Sides
Ad- To, Toward
In-, En- In, Into
Ex Out, Outside from
Un- Not
Dis-, dys- Bad, ill, sick
-ship Skill Of
-fy Make, Form into
-ness State of, quality of
-logue Word, discourse, speech
-Tude State of, condition
Trans Across
Mater, matr mother
Pater, patr Father
Ped Foot
Dorm, Dormi Sleep
Com, con, co With, together
Stell Star
Locu, loc, luci Place, area, location
Mal, Male Bad, ill, evil
mis- Wrong
-ity Quality, state
-rupt break, tear, rend
non not
-itis Inflammation, burning sensation
-ment condition, result
Eu Good, well
mort Death
brev Short
Derm Skin, covering
Manu By Hand
Un, Uni One
Bi Two
Tri Three
Quad Four
Sequ, Secu Follow
Par Beside
Prot, proto first
Circum Around, all around
Demi, Hemi, semi Half, Half-sized, Partial
Mono One
Extra, Extro Outside of, beyond
Intra, intro Within, during, between layers, underneath
Inter Between, among
Gen Birth, Race, produce OR Kind
Geo Earth
Dec, Deca, Dek Ten
Chron Time
Chrom Color
Plic Fold
Liber Free
Agri-, agrio- Pertaining to fields or soil
Amat, amor, am Love, like, liking
Meter, metro Measure
Pan All
Log, ology Word, study, say, speech, reason
Fix Repair, Attach
Jur, just Right, righteous
Ocu Eye
Tele Distance, far, from afar
Flagr Burn
Frag, frang, fract Break
Tempo, tempor Time
Act, Ag Do, act
Bas Low
Cap, Capt take, seize
ced, cess to go, yield,
equ Equal, even
Sci, science Know, knowledge
Son, sono, sona Sound
Sens, senso, sensi feel, think
Ult, ultra beyond, extreme
sect, seg Cut
Vis see
mega Million
scrib, script Write
De Of, from
Di, dif, dis Away, opposite
Epi Upon
Ex Out of
heter, hetero other, different
hom, homo same, like
maniac, mania madness, crazy
orth, otho right, straight
fac, fact to make, do
fer bear, carry
astr, aster, astra star
mitt, miss Send
a, ab, abs away, off
a, ad, ac, af, an To, toward
pon place, put
kilo thousand
luc, lux, lucis light
neo, ne new, young
tract Drag, pull
spir, spirat breathe
spec, spect see, look
sto, stat, sisto stand, cause to stand
tact touch
tend, tent, tens stretch, hold
bene good, well
mov, mot, mob move
sol alone
cen, cent hundred
phil, philo love
phon, phono sound
phot, photo light
pyr, pyro fire
techn, techno art of, skill of
ject throw, hurl
cant, chant sing
fen strike, ward off
cosm world, universe
cycle wheel, circle
nov new, young
onym name
pseudo false, untrue
sed, sess, sid sit, settle
theo, the God, god
therm, thermo heat, warm
tox, toxi, toxico poison
xen, xeno foreign
dyna, dynamo, dino power, energy
ven, vent come
ver, vir truth
bio life, living matter
aud hear
omni all
per through, throughout
poly many, more
post after, behind
dem, demo people
gram, graph written
anti, ant against, oppose
aut, auto self, same
-crat, -cracy Rule
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