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Normal hemoglobin range for adult male 13.5-18g/dL
Normal hemoglobin range for adult female 11.5-16g/dL
Hemoglobin F is composed of what? 2alpha and 2gamma globulins
A measure of the variation in cell size. RDW
Lead poisioning may lead to _____ anemia. sideroblastic
What WBCs play a role in producing antibodies? Lymphocytes (primarily Blymphs and plasma cells)
____ ____ cells give rise to all bone marrow cells. Hematopoietic stem cells
What is termed "the process of stopping bleeding"? Hemostasis
What test detects or measures platelet function? Bleeding Time test
Development of a monocyte from most immature to mature... monoblast, promonocyte, monocyte
RBC inclusion only seen with a supravital stain Reticulocyte
How many lobes of the vucleus does the mature neutrophil usually have? 3-5
Which cell has a clearing halo around the nucleus? Plasmocyte
What does MCHC stand for? Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration
What stain stains iron granules in RBCs? Prussin Blue
How do you correct a WBC count? WBCx100/#of NRBC+100
The most indicative cast of the end stage of renal disease. Waxy cast
Parasite that exhibits rapid motility in urine sediment Trichomonas vaginalis
Mineral present in plasma; essential for normal coagulation Calcium
Acute DIC is characterized by what? Hypofibrinogenemia
Which urinary casts appear to have a brittle consistancy? Waxy cast
Red cell fragmentation Schistocyte
What is the Coulter principle based on? electrical impedence
Neutrophils with 2 or fewer lobes are defined as... Hyposegmented
Formula for MCV Hctx10/RBCcount
Formula for MCH Hgbx10/RBCcount
Formula for MCHC Hgb/Hct x100
When are auer rods seen in WBCs? ALL & CML
White precipiate in basic urine Amorphous Phosphate
On a differential, what is the term for decreased neutrophils and increased lymphocytes? Flipped Diff
Normal range for MCV 80-100fL
Normal range for MCH 27-32pg
Normal range for MCHC 32-36%
A patient with macrocytosis, anemia, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia most likely has what? Vitamin B12 deficiency
In synovial fluid, what is the most characteristic finding in gout? monosodium urate crystals
Urine microscopic constituent that differentiates between cystitis and pyelonephritis WBC casts
Given the following info, what is the likely diagnosis? MCV-105fL MCH-33pg MCHC-33% Pernicious Anemia
Westergren & Wintrobe tubes are used in what test? Sed rate (ESR)
Nuclear degeneration appearing as an exploded nucleus, associated with apoptosis Pyktosis
Normal range hematocrit for adult male 40-54%
Normal range hematocrit for adult female 37-47%
An abnormal type of granulation seen in segmented neutrophils in severe infections toxic granulation
Decreased MCHC is defined as... Hypochromic
Increased MCHC is defined as... Hyperchromic
90% of adult hemoglobin is Hgb__. A
The period of useful function of the RBC in peripheral blood is ___-___ days. 100-140 (avg 120)
For coag studies, the ratio of anticoagulant to blood should be __:__. 1:9
Histamine and heparin are found in the granules of what WBC? Basophil
What will decrease if urine is allowed to sit for prolong periods at room temp? Glucose
Atypical lymphs are commonly seen in what condition? Infectious Mono
This cell is said to have a "fried egg" appearance with an eccentric nucleus, deep basophilic cytoplasm, and perinuclear zone Plasma cell
Which coagulation factors are affected by coumarin drugs? II, VII, IX, X
In an individual with a normal RBC count and RBC indices, the ratio of hct to hgb would be what? 3:1
The total number of a WBC type compared with the total number of leukocytes Absolute count
______ granules may be seen in normal lymphocytes. Azurophilic
What is added to urine to lyse RBCs? Acetic acid
The stage in the maturation series where hemoglobin is first produced Rubricyte
When performing an APTT, the coag analyzer mixes patient's plasma with what? Phospholipid and Calcium
What is a urine indicator of renal abnormality? Protein
Excessive leukocyte reponse to a stimulus other than leukemia Leukemoid reaction
What are clue cells a form of? Squamous epithelial cells
Name of a cell 3xs as large as an RBC with a large, round nucleus and very little cytoplasm; nucleoli and large granules also present. Blast
Which supravital stain is used for retics? Brilliant Cresyl Blue
An increased hemoglobin indicates what? Polycythemia
Smudge cells are seen on the differential of patients with what? CLL
In pernicious anemia, the body fails to absorb vitB12 due to the lack of what? Intrinsic factor
Optical detection is based on what? laser and light scatter
A neutrophilic cell with an indented nucleus is called a ________. metamyelocyte
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