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ransom chapter 14

An animal with a skull and a backbone is a(n) vertebrate
An animal with no backbone is a(n) invertebrate
A behavior that does not depend on experience is innate
In the summer, an animal enters a state of reduced activity called estivation
Daily cycles are known as circadian rhythms
When an egg and a sperm come together, they form an embryo
T/F Animals can make their own food. False! They are consumers.
How do animals defend against predators? toxins, camouflage, warning coloration
T/F Warning coloration is ALWAYS poisonous. False.
T/F Living in groups is always helpful. False.
Scientists think some birds use the Earth's magnetic fields to navigate
Animals deal with a food shortage through estivation and hibernation
The relationship between an owl and a mouse can be expressed as predator: prey
Think of ways animals use camouflage. keep thinking...
T/F Genes influence innate behaviors. True
Every day, I wake up at 6:00 because of my ___ circadian rhythm
Chemicals used to attract mates are called pheromones
List 4 ways animals communicate. smell, sound, etc
List 3 reasons why animals communicate. courtship, mark territory, etc.
How are animals different from plants? Plants have cell walls and are producers. Animals ...
Created by: kara713