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IED_KeyTerms_Unit 1

Assess To thoroughly and methodically analyze accomplishements against goals
Assessment An evaluation technique for technology that analyzes risks and benefits
Brainstorm A group technique for solving problems, generating ideas.
Client A person using the servises of a professional person or organization.
Creativity The ability to make or bring a new concept or idea into existence.
Criteria A means of judging. A standard or a rule or test.
Constraint A limit to a design process. A limit or a restriction.
Design An iterative decision-making process that produces plans by which resources are converted into products or systems that meet human needs and wants.
Design Brief A written plan that identifies a problem to be solved, its criteria and its constraints.
Design Process A systematic probmlem solving strategy, with criteria and constraints, used to develop many possible solutions.
Design Statement A part of the design brief that challenges the designer, what a design solution must do....
Designer A person who designs any of a variety of things.
Engineer A person who is trained in and uses technological and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.
Engineering Notebook A book in which an engineer will formally document, in chronological order, all of his/her work that is associated with a specific design project
Innovation An improvement of an existing technological product, system. or method of doing something.
Invention A new product, system, or process that has never existed before, created by study and experimentation.
Iterative A process that repeats a series of steps over and over and over until the desired outcome is obtained.
Piling-on An idea that produces a similar idea or an enhanced idea.
Problem Identification the recognition of an unwelcome or harmful matte needeng to be dealt with.
Product. A tangible artifact produced by means of either human or mechanical work...
Prototype A full-scale working model used to test a design concept by making actual observations and necessary adjustments.
Research The systematic study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reath new conclusions.
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