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Experientia #1

Flashcards for 1st Listening Quiz

Please hand me_____________________ des mihi
praenomem mihi est My name is_____________________
how do you say_____________________? quomodo dicitur?
salvete! Hello (plural)!
sum laetus(a) I am happy
What is your name? quid est praenomen tibi?
valete, omnes! goodbye, everyone!
nihil fuit no problem/no big deal
ago bene I'm going well
You bump into someone in the hallway, you say_____________________ ignosce mihi!
I am happy sum laetus(a)
praenomem mihi est My name is_____________________
Roma est in Italia.` Rome is in Italy.
Where is Italy? ubi est Italia?
sum iratus(a) I am angry
gratias Thank you
I am angry sum iratus(a)
Italia est in Europa. Italy is in Europe.
Thank you. gratias
quid agis hodie? How are you today?
tristis sum. I am sad
Where is Rome? ubi est Roma?
How are you? Quid agis?
des mihi notas. Hand me your notes.
quaeso Please
Defessus(a)sum I am tired
Hand me your notes. des mihi notas.
Please quaeso
I am sad tristis sum.
quid significat______________? What does________________mean?
You want a friend's notes. You say... des mihi notas.
What does________________mean? quid significat______________?
salve, Magistra Hello, teacher
I am doing well Ago bene
When you all leave, the teacher says to the class______________ valete, omnes
When the class leaves, they should say to the teacher______________. vale, magistra
When you all leave, the teacher says to the class______________ valete, omnes
When the class leaves, they should say to the teacher______________. vale, magistra
When Magistra enters, the class says_______ salve, magistra.
When Magistra enters, she says to the class________ salvete omnes.
des mihi__________ hand me/pass me_________
ignosce mihi Excuse me
libenter you are welcome
Excuse me ignosce mihi
you are welcome libenter
Good bye (singular) Vale
Good bye (plural) Valete
Vale Good bye (singular)
Valete Good bye (plural)
quomodo dicitur How do you say___________?
Thank you gratias
excuse me ignosce mihi
You bumped into someone in the hallway. What do you say? ignosce mihi
When I greet the class I say________ salvete,omnes!
If you want to know how to say something, you say__________________ quomodo dicitur?
When the students leave, Magistra says________. valete, omnes!
If you want to know someone's first name you ask? quid est praenomen tibi?
Please hand me______________ des mihi
When a female teacher enters the class, the students should say_________ salve, magistra
You want to say that you are doing well. You say_____ ago bene
You want someone to know that bumping into you is no big deal. You say_______. nihil fuit.
If you want to introduce yourself you would say__________. praenomen mihi est___________.
You want to say that you are happy. Sum laetus(a)
You want to know how someone is, you say_________ quid agis?
You want to say that you are angry. Iratus(a) sum
Someone said "thank you". You say______ libenter
"I am tired" "defessus(a) sum"
"I am sad" "tristis sum"
You need to interrupt a conversatio. You say_______. ignosce mihi.
Created by: klucia



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