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NURS 205 Lab

CSN Nurs 205 Lab

Nasogastric tube allows for what? the removal of gastric secretions and the introduction of solutions into the stomach. It is used post op major surgery to treat mechanical obstruction for decompression, for diagostic studies, for irrigation and to administer medications
patient should be in what position? fowlers position
Lubricate 3-4 inches of the tip of the tube with what kind of lubricant? water soluble
Have patient flex head forward and take sips of water
the most reliable verification of correct placementis by xray
second best verification is by aspiration - 5-10 ml
the ph of the stomach contents should be less then 4
what does gauge mean for IV insertion? Diameter
The Gauge varies inversely a 24 is _____ and 16 is _______ 24 is small and 16 is large
gauge 16 is appropriate for what? trauma patients
gauge 18 is appropriate for surgical patients or possibly a dehydated medical patient
gauge 20 commonly used for medical patients (use 20 or larger for blood/blood products)
gauge 22-24 is used for smaller kids, fail, elderly and diabetics of any age
what is the purpose of the continuous bladder irrigation to instill medication - in a stubborn bladder infection that has not responded adequately to systemic antibiotics. After bloadder or prostate surgery - free from blood clots or sediment
what is often used for continous bladder irrigation normal saline
what kind of catheter does a continuous bladder irrigation use requires triple lumen catheter
tell me the parts of a triple lumen catheter one to inflate the balloon to hold it in place, one to draine urine and instilled solution out and one to instill the solution
how far above the bladder should the solution hang above the blader? 2-3 feet
what size bag should be hung? 2 or more 3-litter bags
when should tubing for continuous bladder irrigation be changed? 24 hours
inform doctor when? with continuous bladder irrigation? bladder spasms, which ca be caused by blood cloths or if you have instilled air into the bladder
what should be monitored closely with continuous bladder irrigation? monitor closely input and output
what is the purposeof stryker draines to facilitate reinfusion of the patient own blood
Is it a clean or sterile procedure for connecting the drain to the stryker drain? sterile!
Why should the stryker drain be upwards? so the air filter does not become infused with blood
Created by: starr8904