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Italian Music Terms

Elements of Conducting

Prestissimo As fast as possible
Presto Very fast
Allegro Fast, quickly
Allegretto Moderately fast
Moderato Moderately paced
Andantino Moderately slow
Andante Slow but moving
Adagio/Lento Slow
Larghetto Very slow byt moving
Largo Very slow and broad
Grave Very slow and heavy
Ritardando Gradually slower
Rallentando Gradually slower and broader
Ritenudo Suddenly slower
Allargando Gradually slower and louder
Colando Gradually slower and softer
Sostenuto Sustaining
Accelerando Gradually faster
Stringendo Gradually faster and hastening
Piu allegro More lively
Piu mosso More motion
Meno mosso Less motion
Morendo Dying away
Tempo rubato Taken freely
A piacere At pleasure
Tempo giusto In exact tempo
Alla misura Strict tempo
Senza misure Freely
A tempo Previous tempo (used after one of the above variations)
Tempo primo First tempo
L'istesso tempo Same tempo (beat remains the same even thought the meter changes)
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