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ACT Vocabulary5

amicable characterized by friendliness or goodwill
analogy a comparison between two things based on a similarity between them
ardent full of passion or devotion
berate to scold or condemn with energy and at length
cessation a temporary or complete stopping
conflageration a destructive fire; conflict or war
deign to consent with reluctance, patronize
ennui a feeling of weariness
fallacy a mistaken idea or belief
grotto a cave
honing to improve, to sharpen
interred placed a dead body in a grave or tomb
mammoth great in size
oust to remove from a postion or place legally or by force
prosperity a condition of success, especially economic well-being
replicate to repeat or copy
serendipity the phenomenon of coming upon good or valuable things by accident, luck
succinct precise, using few words
tangible capable of being touched, real
diligent characterized by steady effort
illusory creating an illusion, unreal
nadir the lowest point
proficiant having advanced skills, experienced
query question
servile submissive, like a slave
Created by: JasperACTprep