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Chapter 2 WD Test

Chapter 2 Watershed Dynamics Test Study Stack

Sewage plant point source pollution
storm water runoff in a city non-point source pollution
new highway built non-point source pollution
runoff from a road into a nearby stream non-point source pollution
sediment run-off, the main pollution problem in the Yadkin River Basin non-point source pollution
What happens to stream flow if you cut down trees in a forest near a stream? stream flow increases
Causes of sediment pollution in streams and rivers are: agriculture, new construction, new housing developments, new roads, bridges
Eventually, water in a river basin empties into the _________ ocean
When studying pollutants in a watershed, scientists have concluded that pollutants are carried by the water as runoff into a central river
New developments or construction often results in an increase in the level of contaminants that enter the basin
Silt fencing, sandbags and gravel are often put around construction sites. Why? They help prevent the erosion of exposed topsoil into the surrounding areas.
In a growing community, citizens have to consider _________________________ local water supplies.
Many existing reservoirs of fresh, uncontaminated water are being depleted and stressed by contamination.
Over 1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean, safe water for the following uses: consumption, sanitation, hygiene
Which land use would include pollution from oil and gasoline discharge from automobiles and storm sewer drainage? Urban runoff
Define "habitat." Requirements an organism needs to sustain life including food, shelter and water.
Which creates more surface runoff: paved areas or wooded areas? paved areas
Reason vegetation in riparian zones help to maintain water quality: Controls erosion by slowing surface runoff; sediments and some pollutants get removed before water drains into streams; provides shade for stream preventing large swings in temperatures.
List the 4 major land uses identified by watershed managers Forests; wetlands;agriculture;urban
Created by: 8teach8