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SC 4th

Test 1

Source is where a river begins
Riverbanks are the sides of a river
Riverbed is the bottom of the river
Mouth is where a river meets a lake, valley, or ocean
Delta is a landform at the mouth of a river made by the sand, silt, soil, and rocks deposited by moving water
Deposition the process in which water, wind, or ice builds up the earth's surface by dropping sediment in new locations
Erosion the process in which gravity, water, ice and wind move sediments from one place to another on the earth's surface
landform a part of earth's surface that has a unique shape, is easy to recognize and was created by nature
model an object that represents something that is similar to the real thing in many ways but is different in some ways
weathering a process by which rocks and sediment break down over time due to exposure to wind, rain or other weather conditions
Abrasion the grinding down of rock by another
Glacier A large, long-lasting mass of moving ice and snow. Glaciers move down hills or outward in directions as a result of gravity and their immense weight. They retreat (shrink) as a result of melting.
Erratic A large moved object moved and dropped by a glacier far from where it originated
Moraine Hill like piles of unsorted rocks and deiment dropped by a glacier
Rock pillar a tall column of rock
hoodoo a strangely shaped rock formation usually scupted by water erosion
mushroom rocks rock formations that are narrow on the bottom base and wider at the top
wind air that is in motion over the surface of the earth
drought extremely dry weather for a long period of time with little or no rain fall. They usually cause water shortages.
sand dune a hill of loose sand formed by wind
soil a mixture of rock sediment and organic material including living and dead plants, insects and bacteria
stabilize to keep from moving
windbreak an object or material such as a fence or row of trees that block the path of wind
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