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OGT Earth Science

OGT Earth Science Power Vocab

atmosphere thick blanket of gases surrounding the earth
big bang theory that all matter and energy in the universe was compressed into an extremeley small volume that suddenly billons of years ago started expanding
biomes regions that have distinct climates and organisims and that contain many but separate but similar ecosystems
convection transfer of heat through the movement of a fluid material
crustal plate outer most part of earth
current steady movement in one direction
density ratio of the mass of a substance to its volume, expressed as g/cm to the third power
galaxy large-scale group of stars
gravity force of attraction between all matter in the universe
lithosphere thin outer shell of the Earth consisting of the crust and the rigid upper mantle
nebula dark cloud of gas and dust in space; first stage in the development of a star
tundra biome without trees, where grasses and tough shrubs grow in the frozen soil
coniferous A tree that bears cones. Evergreens that do not shed their leaves all at once in the fall comprise the majority of this type of tree.
electrical energy The ability of the electric current to do work. Measured in kilowatt-hours.
fertilizer Any substance that is added to soil in order to increase its productivity. Fertilizers can be of biological origin (composts), or they can be synthetic (artificial fertilizer).
mechanical energy Energy of the moving parts of a machine because of its motion or position.
Plate Tectonic Theory The belief that Earth's surface is broken into a number of shifting slabs or plates which move relative to one another
temperate areas with distinct summer and winter seasons and moderate precipitation with temperatures will fall below 32 o F in winter and above 72 o F in summer
thermal energy The kinetic energy of molecular motion. Measured as temperature and perceived as heat.
climate the average course or condition of the weather at a place usually over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, and precipitation
ozone A molecule made up of three atoms of oxygen. In the stratosphere, it occurs naturally and it provides a protective layer shielding the earth from ultraviolet radiation and subsequent harmful health effects on humans and the environment
Created by: adotson
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