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Chapter 2 Vocab

an exam consisting of a written portion and a skills portion that must be passed at the end of the nursing assistant training course to obtain certification Competency Evaluation
An official record maintained by the state of the people who have successfully completed the nursing assistant training program. Registry
The principle by which one state recognizes the validity of a license or certification granted by another state. Reciprocity
A specially trained person who is licensed by a state to provide routine care for the sick under the supervision of an RN Licensed Practical Nurse
A specially trained person who is licensed by a state to develop nursing care plans and coordinate all aspects of patient or resident care Registered Nurse
An RN of an LPN/LVN who supervises the other nurses for a particular Charge Nurse
An RN who is in charge of a department or section Head Nurse
the registered nurse who directs all of the nursing care within a facility Director of Nursing
A model for organizing the nursing team's efforts in which one nurse is assigned several patients or residents, and is responsible for planning and carrying out all aspects of care for those people. Primary Nursing
A model for organizing the nursing team's efforts in which each member of the nursing team carries out the same assigned task for all patients for residents Functional Nursing
A model for organizing the nursing teams efforts in which a team leader determines all of the nursing needs for the patients for residents assigned to the team, and assigns tasks according to each team members skills and level of responcibility Team Nursing
Cross-functional teams consisting of groups of professional and assistive personal that work together as a unit-based team to provide care to a given group of patients Patient-centered care
To authorize another person to preform a task on your behalf Delegate
The range of tasks that a nursing assistant is legally permitted to do Scope of Practice
A set of guidelines that help nurses to make good decisions about which tasks to delegate and to whome Five Rights of Delegation
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