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uni- mon/mono- words

morphology uni- mon/mon-

uniform (adj.) consistent, standardized, many that are the same as one; (n.) one distinctive set of clothes
unilateral (adj.) one-sided consensus, decided by one side
unique (adj.) one of a kind; having no equal
union (n.) many united as one group; a group of workers united to negotiate for improvements in wages and benefits
unite (v.) to come together as one, join becoming one
unanimous (adj.) having one opinion held by all; all voting the same
universe (n.) all parts of the world and space as one; the cosmos
universal (adj.) one belief held by all; one size fits all or one tool adaptable to different sizes
university (n.) many college departments combined into one institution of learning.
monarch (n.) one who rules
mongrel (n.) a mixed breed of dog; (adj.) a strange mixture made into one
montage (n) one creation made from many pieces; mosaic, collage
monumental (adj.) the big one, enormous, huge, epic
monopoly (n.) controlled by one
monochromatic (adj.) having only one color
monotone (adj.) one unchanging tone
monologue (n.) long speech given by one person.
monotonous (adj.) one thing droning on and on, repetitious and uninteresting, something boring that goes on and on
Created by: TeacherKLA