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Normally, the I-level maintenance organization consists of how many production divisions? Six
What provides OMA, IMA, and aviation supply department (ASD) activities with a modern, real time, computer-based management information system? NALCOMIS
All maintenance managers have the responsibility to manage their resources efficiently. To do this, they must maintain control of the different elements within their are of responsibility. What provides this info? VIDS
What report summarizes, by work center, all maintenance actions, TD compliance, and data entered in the Failed/Material block of the VIDS/MAF? MDR-2
What code is a three-character alphanumeric code that identifies an activity within a major command? Organization
What is a six-character, numeric code assigned to each aircraft reporting custodian for identification? PUC
What is three-character, numeric code that is used to identify work centers within an organization? WCC
What is a four-character, alphabetic code that identifies the end item of equipment on which work is pervformed, such as aircraft, engine, or SE? TEC
The first two characters of Technical Directive codes are listed in an appendix to what instruction? OPNAVINST 4790.2
What form is is used to record accedptance information, custody and transfer, rework, preservation and depreservation, and TDs? OPNAV 4790/51
What form is maintained on the VIDS board cardex or filing container held by the work center responsible for performing preoperational inspections? OPNAV 1790/52
What manual describes the NAVAIR-Technical Manual Program and provides guidance on maintaining technical manuals? NAVAIR 00-25-100
All routine technical publication deficiencies are reported on what form? OPNAV 4790/66
What is the greates threat to the soundness of metals and to the structural integrity of an aircraft? Metal corrosion
The sorrosion control program established by the what is an ALL HANDS participation concept? NAMP
Metal corrosion is the decay of metals as they combine with oxygen to form what? Metallic oxides
What is a powerful tool that can control even the most difficult corrosion problem? Preventive maintenance
The two most important factors in preventing corrosion, and the only factors that can be controlled by field personnel, are the removal of the what and the application of protective coatings Electrolyte
What requires SE shops to establish a maintenance schedule for each item of equipment? OPNAVINST 4790.2
What is used to schedule and record all corrosion maintenance actions? OPNAV 4790/51
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