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huanying 1.4.2 vocab

历史 history lishi
英语 English yingyu
化学 chemistry huaxue
汉语 Chinese class hanyu
体育 physical education tiyu
音乐 music class yinyue
学期 semester xueqi
take, take along, bring dai
本子 notebook benzi
练习本 notebook/practice book lianxiben
课本 textbook keben
那么 so name
书 (書) book shu
box he
蜡笔(蠟筆) crayon labi
borrow, lend jie
measure word for pens zhi
笔(筆) pen bi
颜色 color yan se
愚公移山 folish old man who moved mountains yu gong yi shan
亡羊补牢 to fix the fence after a sheep is lost wang yang bu lao
文房四宝 4 treasures of study wen fang si bao
长(長) long chang
short duan
数学 math shuxue
Created by: ShouChun
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