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Common Latin Quotes

Quotes for Latin

annuit coeptis he approves of our undertakings: quote on the $1 bill
novus ordo seclorum a new order of ages: new world order
e pluribus unum out of more, one: quote on American currency
Anno Domini (A.D.) in the year of the (Christian) Lord
ante bellum before the war: refers to the American Civil War
bona fide in good faith: genuine
Sic Semper Tyrannis Thus always to Tyrants: Virginia's motto
carpe diem sieze the day: don't waste time
casus belli cause of war: reason
cave canem beware of the dog
caveat emptor let the buyer beware: be cautious when purchasing items
circa (ca., c.) around, approximatly: usually used with dates
cogito ergo sum I think, therefore I am: Rene Descartes quote, ability to reason central to "humanity"
confer (cf.) compare
credo I believe: set of personal beliefs
de jure from law: by law
de facto from the fact: in reality
emeritus (or) emerita with merit: retired
et alii (et al.) and the others (people)
et cetera (ect.) and the others things
ex post facto from what is done afterward: subsequently
exempli gratia (e.g.) for the sake of example: for example
habeas corpus may you have the body: right of citezens to avoid unlawful imprisonment
homo sapiens wise man: Genus & species of human beings
ibidem (ibid.) in the same place: used in citations to denote a source used immediattely previously
id est (i.e.) that is: in other words
libra (lb.) scale: pound
mea culpa (by) my fault:an admission of personal responsibility
modus operandi (m.o.) way of operating: personal method of accomplishing things
non sequitur it does not follow: an illogical statement
note bene(N.B.) note well: pay attention to ____
opus citatum (op. cit.) work cited:used in citations to denote a source used previously
per centum (per cent.) out of each hundred
per se by itself: intrinsically, directly
placebo I will please: an inactive medicine given merely to satisfy a patient
quod vide (q.v) which see: refer to ____
sic thus: used in publications to denote grammatical mistakes in sources; original statements
sub poena under penalty: legal document summoning a person to court
tabula rasa blank slate: point at which a process begins
tempus fugit time flies: don't waste time!
terra firma solid earth
terra incognita unkown land: undiscovered territory
vice versa the order having been changes: turn & about
Semper Fidelis Always Faithful: motto of the United States Marine Corps
Semper Paratus Always Prepared: motto of the United States Coast Guard
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