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Cluster A number of things of the same kind or people growing or held close together
Crevice A crack forming an opening
Lupine A plant that has edible seeds, legumes
Comul A bush that grows as a group so it looks like one large bush
Quarrel To argue or disagree loudly
Scarlet A deep color of red
Stunt To stop or slow down in growth or development
Perch To alight (rest) upon a place or object in an elevated position, such as a fence post or branch
Ravine A narrow, steep-sided valley commonly eroded by running water
Singe To burn the ends slightly
Plentiful More than enough of something
Faggot A bundle of sticks or twigs bound together and used as fuel
Yucca An agave plant with pointed, usually rigid, sword-shaped leaves and clusters of white, waxy flowers
Shred A piece cut or torn off, especially in a narrow strip
Reed The straight stalk (stem) of any of various tall grasses
Wreath A circular band of flowers, plants, or anything ornamental used for adorning the head for any decorative purpose
Mourning The act of feeling sorry that someone has died
Created by: fannyfitz