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Science Spelling

spelling words from Physical Science

Accurate Free of errors
Advantage A benefit or something that helps
Assume To think of something without proof
Bias An unfair preference for something
Boundaries Limits
Components Parts of something
Conceive To form
Contradict To state the opposite
Decade Ten years
Durable Resistant to wear and decay
Embrace To take hold of, agree with
Emit Release
Endeavor To make an effort or attempt
Ethics A system of mortal standards
Evidence Proof or disproof of something
Experiment A test
Faulty Not correct or accurate
Feasible Can be done
Geocentrism The idea that the Earth is the center of the solar system
Incurable Cannot be cured
Inference A conclusion drawn by evidence
Phenomenon Observed fact
Prominent To be seen easily
Pursuit Something to strive for or go after
Repetition To go over again
Sacrifice To give up
Scrutiny Careful study or observation
Splay Spread apart
Tentative Not lasting, uncertain
Created by: ceomn15