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Chapter 1 Vocab

Care of the whole person, both physically and emotionally Holistic
The officially stated purpose of a health care facility or organization Mission
A health care facility that provides treatment for people with acute medical or surgical conditions Hospital
A place where health care is provided for people who require a high level of care Acute Care Setting
People who are recievin ghealth care in a hospital, clinic, or extended care facility Patients
Provides care focused on rehabilitation and helping the patient move from hospital to home care Sub-acute Care Unit
Provides care for people who are unable to care for themselves at home; yet do not need to be hospitalized Long-term Care Facility
People who are living in long-term care facility or assisted living Residents
Long-term care that provides residents with limited assistance with tasks such as medicine, transportation, meals, and housekeeping. Assisted Living Facility
Provides skilled care in a person's home Home Health Care Agency
A person who is receiving the services of a home health care agency Client
Provides care for people who are dying, and their families Hospice Organizations
Group of people with different types of knowledge and skill levels who work together to provide holistic care Health Care Team
Government agency responsible for protecting this nation's health DHHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services)
Used to improve the quality of life for people in long-term care facilities. This act makes sure the residents receive a certain standard of care OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)
Independent, non-profit organization that sets national standards for all types of health care organizations The Joint Commision
Official recognition that an organization meets certain standards of quality Accreditation
An inspection of a nursing home carried out by the government to ensure that care is being provided according to standards and regulations Survey
Am agency within the Department of Labor that establishes safety and health standards for the workplace to protect the safety and health of employees OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
Insurance that is purchases at group rates by an employer or corporation Group Insurance
A system for controlling health care costs in which the health care provider must prove that a person's medical condition meets certain criteria and obtain the insurance companies go ahead for the proposed treatment Precertification Process
A system designed to control health care costs by delivering health care to people who need it by arranging contacts with carious health care providers Managed Care System
A managed care system that contracts with an insurance company to accept a standard payment as total payment for services rendered PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
A managed care system that contracts with health care providers to provide health care services for a prepaid fee, and people seeking care agree to see only health care providers who are part of this network HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
Insurance plan that is federally funded by social security; all people 65 and older Medicare
A report that focuses on the degree of assistance or skilled that each resident needs MDS (Minimum Data Sheet)
A system for controlling health care costs in which the length of a person's hospital stay, as well as payment for hospitalization, surgery, or other treatment, is specified according to diagnosis DRG's (Diagnosis-Related Groups)
Federally funded and state regulated plan designed to help people with low incomes to pay for health care Medicaid
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