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a procedure carried out to carefully observe, study, or test something in order to learn more about it. investigation
use of five senses to collect information observe
finding ways objects and events are similar and different compare
is the study of the natural world and it involves making observations and performing investigations. science
____is information collected during a scientific investigation. Evidence
Evidence can be____ or_____. direct, indirect
Scientist plan and conduct investigations to gather____. evidence
Scientists___, or share, the results of their investigations. This allows scientific knowledge to grow. communicate
____ asks questions about how the universe works. Astronomers
____ investigate questions about plants. Botanist
Scientists who identifies types of living things and classify then by how they are related. Taxonomist
Scientist observe the world and then ask questions that are based on their ____. observations
Scientific investigations always begin with a ___ question
Ways that scientist perform investigation. Scientific method
In an ___,scientists control all the conditions of the investigation. experiment.
Scientist use____ when they cannot experiment on the real thing. models
Scientist use _____ to study process in nature that they can observe but can't control. repeated observations
an___ is an investigation in which all of the conditions are controlled. experiment
A___ is a statement, based on information about a future event. prediction
Information that is gathered using your sense(data with words) Qualitative
____ observations is information that is gathered using numbers and measurements. Quantitive
Types of models:_____,____,_____ Physical model, computer simulation models, drawing diagrams and glow charts.
_____ graph used to compare parts to whole circle
Field scientist go"_____" to investigate the natural world. on location
use to carefully catch small animals without harming collecting Net
use to better see small organisms. hand lens
used to see things that too small to see with just your eye. light passes through the object and the two lenses to all you to enlarge things. Light Microscope
is a tube with a rubber bulb on one end. Dropper.
can magnify objects up to one million times. Electron Microscope
this is like a dropper but more accurate Pipette
Most counties used the International system(SI) in daily life. this can also be called the ____ system. metric
The___ system is base on mul
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