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6th Gr Sci Method

6th Grade Test 1-Scientific Method

1st Step of Scientific Method Ask a question
2nd Step of Scientific Method Research
3rd Step of Scientific Method Hypothesis
4th Step of Scientific Method Experiment
5th Step of Scientific Method Collect data/analyze results
Variable One factor that is changed during an experiment
Hypothesis If/Then statement--a clear statement of what you expect the answer to your question to be.
Control group Variable not changed
Observation or Inference: Snails crawl 7 cm per second on glass. Observation
Observation or Inference: Snails are awesome. Inference
Observation or Inference: I think the snails are going to get stepped on outside. Inference
Observation or Inference: Snails crawl 2 cm per second on concrete. Observation
Observation or Inference: Snail shells look lik an ice cream sandwich. Inference
Definition of Scientific Method: The series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems
How many steps are in the Scientific Method? 6
What is the goal of the Scientific Method? to come up with reliable answers and solutions
Data What you collect during an experiment
The last step of the Scientific Method; can be done by writing, giving an oral presentation, or another way. Communicate results
6th Step of Scientific Method Conclusion
Experimental Group One factor is tested at a time and all the other parts of the experiment stay the same except 1
During an experiment, you collect __________. Data
Two ways you can organize the results of your experiment: graphs and tables
The step of the scientific method where you decide whether your results support your original idea. Draw conclusions
T or F: A spill or accident should be reported to the teacher. True
T or F: You should push your lab partner. False
T or F: Hair and long or baggy clothes should be tied back. True
T or F: It is ok to make up an experiment and not follow the directions of a teacher. False
T or F: Goggles are worn to protect your eyes. True
T or F: If you wear glasses, you don't have to wear goggles. False
T or F: You don't have to wash your hands after a lab or clean up your area. False
What part of the Scientific Method is this: Do snails crawl faster on concrete or glass? Question
What part of the Scientific Method is this: The results of the experiment showed that pupil size decreases when there is more light present. Conclusion
What part of the Scientific Method is this: If snails move faster on smoother surfaces, then a snail will move faster on glass than on concrete. Hypothesis
What part of the Scientific Method is this? Snail 1: Glass-45 seconds; Concrete-55 seconds Snail 2: Glass-49 seconds; Concrete-49 seconds Snail 3: Glass-55 seconds; Concrete-56 seconds Data
What part of the Scientific Method is this: I will organize snail races on glass and concrete and compare how fast snails travel on each surface. Experiment
Name 3 Science Process Skills. Observe, Infer, Classify
Created by: Pacelli
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