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Cubangbang #132220

Cubangbang's 8A Ch. 20 Glaciers Stack #132220

Glacier A large mass of ice flowing under the influence of gravity.
Snowfield A large expanse of snow-covered terrain above the snow line.
Snowline The lower edge of the snow field.
Accumulation zone The area on the glacier above the snowline that accumulates size.
Wastage zone the zone of a glacier that melts away, this is below the snowline. It is also known as the ablation zone.
Equilibrium line An imaginary line on a glacier that separates the accumulation zone from the wastage zone. It is essentially the same line as the snowline.
Terminus The lowest end, or the front of a glacier.
Valley glacier A glacier found in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains.
Ice sheet A thick layer of glacial ice covering an extensive area.
Icecap A thick, widespread, and permanent cover of glacial ice on a flat landmass.
Iceberg A large piece of ice that broke off a glacier.
Calving The process of iceberg formation by the break-up of a glacier.
Zone of fracture The top layer of the glacier extending to about 50m that is made of brittle ice.
Zone of flow The layer of ice crystals that can flow and change shape, below the zone of fracture, that passes over terrain even though the glacier remains solid.
Crevasses A deep fissure in a glacier.
Surge A sudden increase in the speed of glacial movement.
Icefall Glacial ice flowing down a steep incline or cliff from a hanging valley into a deeper valley or the ocean as would a waterfall.
Hanging valley Small valleys that enter glaciated valleys from high on its sides.
Tarn A small pond or lake in a glaciated mountain valley that has no outlet.
Horn A jagged mountain peak left when glacial erosion forms three or more cirques. (ex. Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.)
Fiord A glacially deepened inlet or arm of the sea characterized by steep-sided walls.
Varve A thin layer of sediment that forms on the bottom of lakes that are fed by glacial melt water.
Ice age A time in the earth’s history during which much of the higher latitudes in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres were covered by glaciers.
Loess A thick deposit of windblown dust and silt.
Created by: jcubangbang