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Understanding God's World; 4th Ed; 4th grade

The 2nd stage of complete metamorphosis is... LARVA
The 3rd stage of complete metamorphosis is... PUPA
The 4th and final stage of complete metamorphosis is... ADULT
T/F: A moth has a feathery antennae. TRUE
T/F: A moth has a thin body. FALSE Moths have THICK BODIES.
Insects communicate is five ways. Name them! SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH, SMELL and DANCING.
T/F: The butterfly spins a cocoon. FALSE ...Spins a CHRYSALIS.
I fold my winds when I am resting. Am I a moth or a butterfly? Are you sure? Flip the card again! BUTTERFLY!
I am an insect that moves from one place to another, to escape the cold. What insect am I? LADYBUG
What is "hibernate"? A long, deep sleep Insects sleep through the winter months.
A spider, cricket, millipede or worm.... Which one of these is an INSECT? CRICKET Remember: An insect has to have an exoskeleton, three body regions AND three pair of jointed legs :)
I am considered a "social insect". Am I a butterfly, a louse, a bee or a caddisworm? I am a BEE! Social insects live together. Bees live in hives, helping each other as a big family would!
The antennae of an insect is extremely important. The antennae does what? ...helps the insect to taste, find its direction and even smell! The antennae helps the insect with its senses.
The cicada grows bigger, leaving its old exoskeleton behind. This process is called.... Are you sure?? Flip the card.... MOLTING or to MOLT
The 1st stage of complete metamorphosis is... EGG
Created by: rudd76