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Social Living Unit 1

Scientific Method vocabulary words

analyze to study something to find out what it is or what makes it work.
Conclusion The last part of something
control To have power over
data information gathered by an experiment
evidence proof that something is true
experiment a test made to find out about something
graph a diagram that by means of dots and lines shows a system of relationships between things.
Hypothesis something not proved but assumed to be true
Investigation to study by close and careful observation
magnify to enlarge
measure to find out the size or amount of
microscope an instrument with one or more lenses used to help a person to see something very small by making it appear larger
observe to watch carefully
predict to figure out and tell ahead of time.
procedure the order things are done in
record to write or print something for permanent evidence.
telescope an instrument shaped like a long tube that has lenses for viewing objects at a distance and especially for observing objects in outer space.
variable something that changes a test result
senses sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. A special function of the body that involves the action and effect of a stimulus on a sense organ.
result an outcome
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