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Forensics History

LC Williams

Mathieu Orfila considered the father of forensics toxicology. He published the first scientific treatise on the detection of poisons and their effects on animals
Alphonse Bertillion created the first system of personal identification by using a series of body measurements
Francis Henry Galton first to propose the idea of using fingerprints as a form of identification in his book "Fingerprints"
Hans Gross First to write about how the application of the scientific disciplines could be used to aid criminal investigation.
Albert S. Osborn considered a pioneer in document examination
Edmond Locard Stated that every perpetrator leaves something at the crime scene and takes something with him
Sir Alec Jeffreys developed the first DNA profiling test in 1984
Leon Lattes devised a relatively simple procedure for determining the blood type
Calvin Goddard refined the techniques of firearm examination
Walter McCrone leading figure in the field of microscopy
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