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Ch. 1


me, myself
what quid
nothing níhil
not nōn
often saépe
to love, like ámō, amáre, amávī, amátum
please amábō tē
to think, ponder, consider, plan cógitō, cōgitáre, cōgitávī, cōgitátum
to owe; ought, must débeō, dēbére, débuī, débitum
to give, offer dō, dáre, dédī, dátum
to wander, go astray, make a mistake érrō, erráre, errávī, errátum
to praise laúdō, laudáre, laudávī, laudátum
to remind, advise, warn móneō, monére, mónuī, mónitum
to be well, in good health sáveō, salvére
hello, greetings sálvē, salvéte
to preserve, save, keep, guard sérvō, serváre, servávī, servátum
to preserve, conserve, maintain cōnsérvō, cōnserváre, cōnservávī, cōnservátum
to frighten, terrify térreō, terrére, térruī, térritum
to be strong, be well, have power váleō, valére, váluī, valitúrum
goodbye, farewell válē, valéte
to see, observe, understand videō, vidére, vídī, vísum
to call, summon vócō, vocáre, vocávī, vocátum
níhil nihilism, annihilate
ámō, amáre, amávī, amátum amatory, Amanda
cógitō, cōgitáre, cōgitávī, cōgitátum cogitate
débeō, dēbére, débuī, débitum debt, debit, due, duty
dō, dáre, dédī, dátum date, data
érrō, erráre, errávī, errátum erratic, errant, erroneous, error, aberration
laúdō, laudáre, laudávī, laudátum laud, laudable, laudatory
móneō, monére, mónuī, mónitum admonish, admonition, monitor, monument, monster, premonition
sálvē, salvéte salvation, salver, salvage
sérvō, serváre, servávī, servátum observe, preserve, reserve, reservoir
cōnsérvō, cōnserváre, cōnservávī, cōnservátum conservative, conservation
térreō, terrére, térruī, térritum terrible, terrific, terrify, terror, terrorist, deter
váleō, valére, váluī, valitúrum valid, invalidate, prevail, prevalent, valedictory
videō, vidére, vídī, vísum provide, evident, view, review, revise, revision, television
vócō, vocáre, vocávī, vocátum vocation, advocate, vocabulary, convoke, evoke, invoke, provoke, revoke
Created by: madison.heaton



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