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NJCA Sci. 5/6

NJCA Observing God's World 5/6 Ch 1, sections 1.5 - 1.8

Annual rings give what information about the tree? The age of the tree Count the rings!
I am in the cypress family. I had reddish colored wood. My oils repel moths and I have a pleasant smell. What tree am I? CEDAR
The largest of all trees. Giant Sequoia Largest, not tallest! Don't get confused.
I have very colorful leaves in the fall and I can be tapped for sugar. What tree am I? MAPLE
My needles grow in bundles. Who am I I am the PINE.
I love growing near the water. Poplars belong in my family. I have thin long leaves that droop off my branches. Who am I? The Willow
My fruit is the acorn. I have thick and wide branches. What tree an I? I am the OAK.
I'm a monocot, with fronds, evergreen but not cone producing. What am I? PALM A conifer is a "cone-producing" plant.
I have knee like roots that stick out of the water. I love the swamps of Florida. BALD CYPRESS
I provide tannin to the USA and my cones droop down from the tips of my branches. What tree am I? HEMLOCK
Indians love my smooth papery bark, which peels off in layers. What tree am I? BIRCH
This tree is very unique. Its cones stand straight up on the tops of the branches. What tree is this? FIR
Scientists who study trees are called... DENDROLOGISTS
A plant that does not die after one growth season but lives for many seasons is known as a: PERENNIAL
Biennials live for how many years? TWO
I don't produce flowers, I produce CONES! What am I called? CONIFER
T/F: The pinyon pine favors hot, dry states in the southwest. TRUE
T/F: The blue spruce has frosty needles often used to decorate lawns and gardens. TRUE
T/F: The tallest kind of tree is the Giant Sequoia? FALSE The tallest is the California Redwood. The largest is the giant sequoia. WATCH THESE TWO!!
I am a plant with a single wood y stem. What am I? I am a TREE :)
Growth of a tree takes place in what layer? CAMBIUM Located directly under the bark.
Created by: rudd76