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Word Power Made Easy

egotist Someone who is self absorbed, and always talks about accomplishments
bigamy Two marriages, unlawfully without divorcing current spouse
anthropologist One who studies the development of the human race
misanthrope One who hates mankind/people
ambidextrous Equally skilled with both hands
misogamist Hate marriage
introvert Rather spend time alone
gauche Socially awkward, almost rude. could be embarrassing
altruist Concerned with the welfare of others , always willing to offer a helping hand before thinking of their self
extrovert Like to be out and around people, all the time
monogamy One marriage (at a time)
ambivert Might want to be alone one day, and around many people the next
misogynist Hate women
philanthropist Loves mankind/people Financial contributions as well as time and energy to help those in need
gynecologist Medical specialist who treats female disorders
polygyny A man who has as many wives as he can financially/emotionally afford
ascetic Monk/hermit. Lives a lonely life. *Purification of the soul
polyandry A woman with two or more husbands
adroit Skillful, quick witted
dexterity Skill
Sinister Threatening, dangerous, evil
Egocentric Considers self center of universe
Altercation Verbal dispute *angry/hot-tempered
Alternate To skip one and take the other/other person taking over for original when the original is unavailable
Egomaniac Someone crazy over themselves
Mania Madness
Ego I, self
Gyne Woman
Andros Male
Ambi Both
Dexter Right Hand
Alter Other, or to change
Monos One
Intro Inward/inside
Bi Two
Verto To turn
Extro Outside/outward
Centrum Center
Misein Hate
Anthropos Mankind/people
Gamos Marriage
Asketes Monk
Polys Many
y For a practice/custom, attitude
ous Adjective suffix
ity Quality/condition
ist A person who
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