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abd abdomen
amt amount
ABG arterial blood gas
ASAP as soon as possible
BBS bilateral breath sounds
BM bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BRP bathroom privileges
BSC bedside commode
BSD bedside drainage
c with
CBI continuous bladder irrigation
c/o complains of
CTA clear to auscultation
DAT diet as tolerated
dsg dressing
DNR do not resuscitate
Fx fracture
GHWT good handwashing technique
GI gastro
HA headache
HOB head of bed
Hx history
I&O intake and output
KVO keep vein open
L or It. left
MAE move all extremities
ml milliliter
NAD no acute distress
NCB no code blue
NG nasogastric
NHP nursing home placement
NKA no known allergies
npo nothing by mouth
N/V Or N&V nausea and vomiting
O2 oxygen
OOB out of bed
per by; through
prn as needed
PT physical therapy; post tibial
q every
qs quantity sufficient
R or rt. right
Rx prescription
s without
S.O.B. shortness of breath
SP suprapubic
TF tube feeding
tol tolerate
TPR temperature pulse, respiration
VS vital signs
WA when awake
up arrow increase
down arrow decrease
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