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Animal Adaptations 4

Animals Adaptations

A duck has webbed feet that allow it to swim quickly. Survive: Allowing the duck to escape predators or catch prey
A chameleon has a long sticky tougue. Survive: A sticky tougue helps the animal catch food
A sea horse can change color and blend in with its environment. Survive: A sea horse blends into its surroundings and helps animal escpae predators
A stick insect can resemble and camouflage to look like a twig. Survive: A stick insect looks like a stick and helps animal blend into surroundings and escpae predators
A koala's paws help it climb to the top of a tree for leaves. Survive: The koala's paws helps the animal find food
A kangeroo digs holes that fill up with underground Survive: By digging a hole the kangeroo is helping itself find water and survive
A flamingo's bill has special filters that sift the water to trap plants. Survive: The flamingo's bill helps it gather food.
An eagle has a sharp hooked beak. Survive: The eagle's beak allows the animal to tear into its food.
A beaver has a flat tail. Survive: The beaver uses its tail to warn against predators and build a shelter
A lion has sharp teeth. Survive: The sharp teeth allow the lion to attack and tear into its prey.
An elephant has a long trunk. Survive: The trunk allows for the elephant to grab twigs/plants to eat and brings water to the elephant
Created by: jmwald2