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chapter 9 -landforms


in which order are the processes listed below most likely occur erosion-depostion-weathing
which of the causes is correctly paired with its effect glacier
which landform is most likely to be prouced by windblown sand sand dune
which of the following most likely formed the canyon water erosion
how were these landforms most likely produced wind erosion
if you wanted to make a model of how a delta forms,which of the following materials might be useful water and fine sand in a bottle
what can you observe about these pieces of rock that shows one was probably weathered by water the gray one was weathered by the water
how would you make a model of and earthquake if you push your hands together as hard as you can the they will slip just like the plaits
in what order should he put his pictuces 1. earthquake 2. canyon 3. volcano
part A what kind of volcano has Terry visited she visited the Cinder Cone Volcanoes
part B how can she use the rocks to support her conclusion in class she can look up the rocks she found
Created by: mtaylor20