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1st 50 Drug Class.

The First 50 Drug Classifications

ACE Inhibitor ACE Inhibitors act as vasodilators. Inhibits conversion of angiotensin I and angiotensin II, a potent vasoconstrictor, i.e. Relaxation of blood vessels occur
Aminoglycoside Used to treat serious infections by inhibitng bacterial protein synthesis by binding to ribosomal subunits. Dose to be adjusted according to plasma concentrations in the blood
Analgesic Used to relieve pain. Suppress pain without rendering the patient unconscious
Anesthesic Reduces or eliminate pain, general, local, or topical.
Anorexiant Used to decrease appetite
Antacid Neutralizes excess gastric acid.
Anthelmintic Eradicates intestinal worms
Anti-Acne Controls acne vulgaris
Antianginal Dilates blood vessels; used to treat angina pectoris, pain in the chest
Antianxiety Used in the treatment of anxiety disorders that do not require excessive sedation
Antiarrhythmic Drugs used to treat irregular heart rhythms. Depresses the action of the heart to combat irregularities in its rhythm
Antiarthritic Reduces inflammation of joints
Antibacterial Destructive or preventing bacterial growth. Kills bacterial (Topical)
Antibiotic Drugs used to destroy microorganisms. Kills bacteria and prevents infections.
Anticholestorol Lowers Cholestorol
Anticholinergic Drugs that are antagonistic to the action of parasympathetic or other cholinergic
Anticoagulant Slows clotting of blood to prevent blood clot formation in the treatment of thrombosis and embolism
Anticonvulsant Prevents or arrests seizures
Antidepressant Agent in treating depression. Classified as SSRIs,TCAs,MAOIs
Antidiabetic Used to treat diabetes
Antidiarrheal Used to treat diarrhea
Antidiuretic Reduces volume of urine production
Antidote Neutralizes a poison or counteracts its effects
Antiemetic Drugs that treat the urge to vomit
Antiepileptic Prevents Epiliptic Seizures
Antiflatulant Reduces Gastrointestinal Gas
Antifungal Destroys fungi or inhibits its growth. Eradicates or suppresses fungi
Antigout Drugs used in the treatment of the inflammatory joint condition, Gout
Antihemophillic Allows blood to clot for the treatment of a clotting disorder
Antihistamine For the treatment of allergies. Drugs that act to respond to the release of histamine that occurs with an implicated anaphylactic reaction
Antihyperlipidemic Drugs used to a lower high levels of cholesterol
Antihypertensive Used to reduce a sustained elevation in blood pressure
Anti-Infective Used to treat disease produced by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa,and parasites. Kills microorganisms such and sterilizes wounds.
Anti-Inflammatory Reduces Inflammation.
Antimigraine Used to treat migraine headaches
Antineoplastic Attacks and destroys malignant cells
Anti-ParkinsonĀ“s Used to treat ParkinsonĀ“s disease
Antiplatelet Prevents clotting
Antiprotozoal Destorys Protozoa
Antiprurtic Supresses itching
Antipsychotic Reduces symptoms of hallucinations, delusions, and thought disorders. Primary indication for use is schizophrenia
Antipyretic Reduces fever
Antiretroviral Attacks any virus or the family Retroviridae
Antispasmodic Prevents or alleviates muscle cramps
Antitubercular Used to fight and treat TB
Antitussive Suppresses Coughing
Anitvertigo Used to treat dizziness
Antiviral Interferes with virus replications, weakening pr abolishing its action
Antixiolytic Reduces Anxiety
Astringent Causes contraction locally after topical application
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