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Mr. Biando's Lab

Mr. Biando's Lab - PSSA Glossery Terms - Science Inquiry

Delineate To trace the outline; to draw; to sketch; to depict or picture.
fact Information that has been objectively verified.
hypothesis an assertion subject to verification or proof as a premise from which a conclusion is drawn.
inquiry A systematic process for using knowledge and skills to acquire and apply new knowledge.
Law Summerizing statement of observed experimental facts that has been tested many times and is accepted as true.
Theory Systematically organized knowledge applicable to a variety of circumstances; a system of assumptions, accepted principles and rules devised to analyize, predict or explain behavior or phenomena.
model A description or representation of something that helps to explain things.
Regulation A rule or order or law issued by an authoritive agency to be followed.
Risk management A strategy developed to reduce risk of harm to ones health, life or ecosystems.
scale Provides a measure of size or incremental change.
System A group of related objects that work together.
Closed loop system A group of related objects that have feedback and can modify themselves.
Open loop system A group of related objects that do not have feedback and cannot modify themselves.
Subsystem A group of related objects that make up a larger system.
Science Search for understanding the natural world using inquiry and experimentation.
Created by: dbiando