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calvert 6 geography


weather unpredictable changes in air that take place over a short period of time
climate usual, predictable patterns of weather
tropics low latitudes region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn; near the equator
drought long period of extreme dryness
El Nino combination of temperature, wind, and water effects in the Pacific Ocean that causes heavy rains in some areas and drought in others
La Nina pattern of unusual weather in the Pacific Ocean that has the opposite effects of El Nino
current moving streams of water in the world's oceans
local wind pattern of wind caused by landforms in a particular area
rain shadow dry area on the inland side of coastal mountains
greenhouse effect buildup of certain gases in the atmosphere that, like a greenhouse, hold more of the sun's warmth
rain forest dense forest that receives high amounts of rain each year
water vapor water in the form of gas
water cycle process in which water goes from oceans, to air, to ground, and back to oceans
evaporation sun's heat turns liquid water into water vapor
condensation when water vapor changes back into a liquid
precipitation the form in which water falls back to earth
collection when streams and rivers carry water back to the ocean
groundwater water that fills tiny holes and cracks in the rock layers beneath the earth
aquifer underground rock layers that water flows through
elevation height above seal level
plain low-lying stretches of flat or gently rolling land
plateau flat, with higher elevation than plains
isthmus narrow piece of land that connects two larger pieces of land
peninsula piece of land with water on three sides
island body of land smaller than a continent and completely surrounded by water
continental shelf plateau that stretches for several miles underwater
trench lowest spots in the earth's crust
strait narrow body of water between two pieces of land
channel wider passage than a strait
delta is formed when soil and sand build up over time
savannah broad grassland in the Tropics with few trees
marine west coast climate weather pattern characterized by rainy and mild winters and cool summers
Mediterranean climate weather pattern characterized by mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers
humid continental climate weather pattern characterized by long, cold, snowy winters and short, hot summers
humid subtropical climate weather pattern characterized by hot, humid, rainy summers and short, mild winters
subarctic weather pattern characterized by severely cold, bitter winters and short, cool summers
tundra vast rolling treeless plain in high latitude climates in which only the top few inches of ground thaw in summer
glaciers giant slow-moving sheets of ice
typhoons a tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific oceans
monsoons tremendous seasonal winds that blow over continents for months at a time; found mainly in Asia and some areas in Africa
rain forest dense forest that receives high amounts of rain each year
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