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Stage 1- Latin

Where and when did Caecilius live? Pompeii in the first century A.D
What was the population of Pompeii? 10,000
Where was the town located? In the bay of Naples.
What did Caecilius do? He traded, ran shops, grazed sheep and lent money.
What was Caicilius' full name? LUcius Caecilius Iucundus, meaning pleasant.
What were the rights of a Roman citizen? To vote and be protected by law.
What was a slave's only right? They could not be killed without good reason.
ianua The front door leading to the atrium.
compluvium/ impluvium sun roof, letting in light.
lararium a small household shrine.
peristylium back part of the house.
How did Roman women exercise influence. She could hold power over children, the relgious cult, welcoming guests and was able to sit next to her husband.
Created by: cricket4