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Ch.15 MiddleEast

Ch. 15 Gallopade - Review for 2013 quiz

In which country are the parking fees being raised and some city roads are for buses only in order to cut down on crowded roads Israel
In which country do the people and goods travel on the extensive road network? This country also has options to take a bus or even fly out of one of its 127 airports. Turkey
In which country do the people have to pile into buses and trucks along with their animals and produce and may even have to ride on the roof? There is only 16 miles of railroad in this country, so train is not a good option. Afghanistan
In which country did the air pollution and traffic become such a problem that the government came up with an odd/even system for driving? Iraq
Why is the population greatest around port cities with deep-sea harbors? there is greater employment opportunities in transportation, shipbuilding, and repair
What do most of the people in Afghanistan do for a living? work on farms, or raise livestock
What is the name of the land between the Euphrates River and Tigris River? Fertile Crescent
Mesopotamia, one of the earliest centers of civilization, means "___________________________" "Between the rivers" (Greek)
Where in a country is the population the greatest? (The answer is not "in a city") around rivers and streams, except in the mountainous areas --- anywhere along the coast
Most of the land in Middle East could be described as Desert
How long has it been since most of the population of Saudi Arabia was nomadic or semi-nomadic? Since the 1960's--- approximately 50 years
What are the two reasons that Iraq and Iran did not benefit as much from the oil discovery? they suffered from war and mismanagement of oil money
Which two countries benefited from the oil industry as a transportation hub, or link? Turkey and Afghanistan
In the 1930s where were huge oil reserves discovered? Saudi Arabia
In which Middle Eastern country have geologists and oil companies uncovered a small reserve of oil? Israel
How would you describe the climate of the Middle East? it varies, it is mostly arid with hot, dry summers and cool winters
How would the climate be different in Northern Iran, than on the Southern Coasts of Iran ? In the north, it rains a lot in one year, and in the south, it may not rain for years
Where would the winter temperature be much like that in Georgia, where we have temperatures around 32 degrees F? Turkey
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