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Module 1 Reading

Flash cards for reading

What is the first step in the CORE Learning System? A. Collecting knowledge B. Communicating C. Computer D. Comma A. COLLECTING KNOWLEDGE
What are the types of reading? A. Mindless Reading B. Active Reading C. None of the Above D. A & B D. A & B
A Key Concept is the main topic you are reading about. A. True B. False A. TRUE
Mindless reading is the ______ of running your ____ over the _____ only to realize you don't recall a think you read FILL IN THE BLANK 1. act 2. eyes 3. page
Active reading is characterized by _____ mental ________ in what you are reading FILL IN THE BLANK 1. intense 2. engagement
Active reading leads to A. Higher grades B. Sleepiness C. texting in class D. day dreaming A. HIGHER GRADES
What do words in CAPITALS, bold, italics or color mean when reading? SHORT ANSWER They are hints that the author is telling you this is important information
What are the two types of ideas? _______idea & ________idea FILL IN BLANK 1. Main idea 2. Secondary idea
A secondary idea elaborates on the main idea by answering questions that readers may have heard about. A. TRUE B. FALSE A. TRUE
A main idea is the most important idea the author wants to convey about a key concept. A. TRUE B. FALSE A. TRUE
The second most time consuming way you will collect information in college is sleeping. A. TRUE B. FALSE B. FALSE The second most time consuming way is attending class
To effectively take class notes what are the two key questions you should answer? SHORT ANSWER What should I write in my notes and how should I write that information?
To be organized in class what should be written on the top of each page? A. Course Name E. ALL OF THE ABOVE B. Date of Class C. Topic of the Class D. Reading assignments E. All of the above E. ALL OF THE ABOVE
The goal of the four steps of the writing is to _________, _________, or _________ your audience. FILL IN THE BLANK 1. Inform 2. Persuade 3. Entertain
Editing in writing is also called proofreading A. TRUE B. FALSE A. TRUE
A thesis is not the most important idea you want to convey to your audience. A. TRUE B. FALSE B. FALSE A thesis IS the most important thought
A thesis is made up of two elements. One of those elements are A. Theory B. Snoopy C. Claim D. Outling C. CLAIM It's the TOPIC AND CLAIM
The two types of writing in college are ________and _________. FILL IN THE BLANK 1. informative 2. persuasive
In writing a more sophisticated way to end your paper is with a ______. FILL IN THE BLANK 1. ECHO An Echo restates all or part of an idea presented early in our essay, perhaps in your hook.
There are four components to writing. One of these components is A. sketching B. drawing C. revising D. doodling C. revising prewriting, writing, revising, and editing C. revising D. doodling
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