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500 verbs h-m

European Portuguese 500 verbs

to distribute (leafIets etc.) distribuir (vt)
to hang (curtains etc.) pendurar (vt)
to have (vt) ter (vt)
to have a try tentar (vt)
to have breakfast tomar o pequeno-almoço
to have dinner jantar (vi)
to have fun divertir-se (vp)
to have Iunch almoçar (vi)
to head (group etc.) encabeçar (vt)
to hear (vi, vt) ouvir (vt)
to heat (vt) aquecer (vt)
to heIp (assist, a¡d) ajudar (vt)
to hide (e.g., ~ something) esconder (vt)
to hint (vi) insinuar (vi)
to hire (e.g., ~ a boat) alugar (vt)
to hire (staff) empregar (vt)
to hope (vi, vt) esperar (vt)
to hunt (for food, sport) caçar (vi)
to hurry sb apressar (vt)
to imagine (to picture) imaginar (vt)
to imitate (vt) imitar (vt)
to implore (vt) implorar (vt)
to import (vt) importar (vt)
to increase (vi/vt) aumentar (vi)
to infect (vt) infetar (vt)
to influence (vt) influenciar (vt)
to inform ( ~ sb about ...) informar (vt)
to inform (vi, vt) informar (vt)
to inherit (property, right) herdar (vt)
to insist (vi, vt) insistir (vi)
to inspire (vt) inspirar (vt)
to instruct (teach) instruir (vt)
to insuIt (offend) insultar (vt)
to interest (vt) interessar (vt)
to intervene (vi) intervir (vi)
to introduce (present) apresentar (vt)
to invent (machine etc.) inventar (vt)
to invite (ask to come) convidar (vt)
to iron (Iaundry) passar (vt)
to irritate (annoy) irritar (vt)
to isolate (vt) isolar (vt)
to join (politicaI party etc.) ingressar (vi)
to joke (be kidding) fazer piada, brincar
to keep (old Ietters etc.) guardar (vt)
to keep silent ficar em silêncio
to kilI (vt) matar, assassinar (vt)
to knock (at the door) bater (vi)
to know (sb) conhecer (vt)
to know (sth) saber (vt)
to Iaugh (at the joke) rir (vi)
to Iaunch (start up) Iançar (vt)
to Ieave (abandon) deixar (vt)
to Ieave (e.g., ~ for Mexico) partir (vt)
to Ieave (forget) deixar (vt)
to liberate (vt) Iibertar (vt)
to Iie (be in Iying position) deitar (vi)
to Iie (teII untruth) mentir (vi)
to light (e.g., a campfire) acender (vt)
to light up (iIluminate) iluminar (vt)
to Iimit (vt) Iimitar (vt)
to listen (vi) escutar (vt)
to Iive (e.g., ~ in France) viver (vi)
to Iive (exist) viver
to Ioad (gun) carregar (vt)
to Ioad (vehicle etc.) carregar (vt)
to Iook (out of the window) olhar(vt)
to Iook for (search) buscar (vt)
to Iook Iike (resemble) parecer-se (vp)
to lose (umbreIIa etc.) perder (vt)
to love (sb) amar (vt)
to Iower (blind, head) baixar (vt)
to make (e.g., ~ dinner) preparar, cozinhar (vt)
to make a mistake fazer um erro
to make copies tirar cópias
to make easier facilitar (vt)
to make use (of ...) utiIizar (vt)
to manage (business) dirigir (vt)
to mark (make a mark) marcar (vt)
to mean (signify) significar (vt)
to meet (get acquainted) conhecer-se (vp)
to memorize (vt) memorizar (vt)
to mention (talk about) mencionar (vt)
to miss (school etc.) perder (vt)
to mix (combine, blend) misturar (vt)
to mix up (confuse) confundir (vt)
to mock (deride) zombar (vt)
to move (wardrobe etc.) mover (vt)
to muItipIy (math) muItiplicar (vt)
to name, to caII (vt) chamar (vt)
must dever (vi)
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