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other adjectives

alacer (alacres) active
erudite, ae accomplished
amans (amantes) affectionate
irata, ae angry
diserta, ae articulate
athletica, ae athletic
pulchra, ae beautiful
magnanima, ae big-hearted
audax (audaces) bold
arguta, ae bright
placida, ae calm
diligens (diligentes) careful
amoena, ae charming
calida, ae clever
clemens (clementes) compassionate
confidens (confidentes) confident
fortis (fortes) courageous
concinna, ae courteous, nice
gravis (graves) dignified
diligens (diligentes) diligent
illustris (illustres) distinguished
facilis (faciles) easy-going
efficax (efficaces) efficient
elegans (elegantes) elegant
amica, ae friendly
iocosa, ae funny
liberalis (liberales) generous
laeta, ae happy
laboriosa, ae hard-working
proba, ae honest
magna, ae important
intelligens (intelligentes) intelligent
benevola, ae kind
ignava, ae lazy
ardens (ardentes) passionate
gratiosa, ae popular
taciturna, ae quiet
honorata, ae respected
observans (observantes) respectful
exemplum (exempla) a role model
timida, ae shy
callida, ae skilled
sociabilis (sociabiles) sociable
obstinata, ae stubborn
ingeniosa, ae talented
loquax (loquaces) talkative
alta, ae tall
fruglis (frugales) thrifty
locuples (locuples) trustworthy
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