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Unit 3: Chapter 8

Interest Groups {ChasityTaswell}

InterestGroups... are organizations designed to represent the shared goal of a group of people. InterestGroups often put pressure on elected officials through use of lobbyists.
Factions... were deemed a "necessary evil" by James Madison and consist of political parties and InterestGroups.
PoliticalActionCommittees... are a way for InterestGroups to support candidates through monetary campaign contributions in return for the candidates support of their interest.
ElitistTheory... concludes that there is a small "elite" group of people that have obtained a substantial amount of power, and through an extensive system of directiories, they maintain power to preserve their own interests.
PluralistTheory... deduces that InterestGroups are a vital part of America's democratic system by providing equal representation to a broader stretch of people.
HyperPluralistTheory... concludes that InterestGroups breed chaos, because there are too many groups attempting to influence the political process and have their voice heard.
InstitutionalInterests... represent a group of corporations or businesses, but they can include universities or foundations.
IndividualInterests... have a membership of individual people rather than individual groups, and represent a common interest of its members, such as NOW or NAACP.
EconomicGroups... concern themselves with the country's economic situations and how the government can effect profits, prices, and wages.
LaborUnions... are a type of EconomicGroup and focus on improving both working conditions and wages.
UnionShops... were established by members of LaborUnions to ensure that new employees join their respective union.
RightToWorkLaws... have the support of employers and assert that joining a LaborUnion should be optional rather than required.
AgricultureGroups... have lost their power over the years, but they deal with farmers and more specifically with acreage controls, price supports, and import quotas.
BusinessGroups... include, not only large corporations, but small businesses as well as trade associations.
ProfessionalGroups... are broad and include various occupations. Examples are the American Bar Association, the National Education Association, and the American Medical Association.
PublicInterestGroups... represent general interests dealing with issues such as the environment, safe energy, consumer protection, and good government.
EnvironmentalInterests... focus on pollution control, wilderness protection, and population control.
Lobbying... is practiced by most, if not all, InterestGroups and consists of a representative from the InterestGroup trying to persuade government officials in Washington to support their interest.
Electioneering... mostly handled by PoliticalActionCommittees, is the act of InterestGroups financially supporting candidates who are sympathetic to their cause.
AmicusCuriaeBriefs... {"friends of the court"} allow InterestGroups influence court decisions by submitting arguments in support of one side of the case or the other.
ClassActionLawsuits... are when individuals with similar complaints can join together in a single suit.
FoundationGrants... are funds made available to InterestGroups by prominent families or corporations.
FederalGrants... are made available to fund large projects that InterestGroups begin.
DirectSolicitation... is funding that comes from individuals, it can come from paper mail, e-mail, or websites that encourage individuals to donate.
RevolvingDoor... a metaphor representing the cycle of government officials leaving their position to be employed by an InterestGroup in return for "favors" that that particular official may perform in the InterestGroup.
FreeRiderProblem... addresses how having too many members can result in a lack of work ethic, because of the individual's belief that someone else will do it.
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