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Unit 14

Promotion of Safety (updated)

Affects health care workers Safety standards
A division of the Department of Labor, establishes and enforces safety standards for the work place. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Employers must inform employees of all chemicals and hazards in the workplace. Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals standard
Refers to the way in which the body moves and maintains balance Body mechanics
How many inches apart should the feet be to maintain a broad base of support? 8 to 10
Information sheets that must be provided by the manufacturer for all hazardous products Material Safety Data Sheets
Mandates to protect health care providers from diseases caused by exposure to body fluids Bloodborne pathogen standard
Applied science used to promote the safety and well-being of a person by adapting the environment and using techniques to prevent injuries. Ergonomics
Used to put out fires. Fire extinguishers
When a health care worker is not doing strenuous work, what can be loosened a back brace
Some health care facilities require health care workers to wear this item while lifting or moving patients back support
What should you do if a patient or object is too heavy get help
What should all manufactures provide with any hazardous products they sell Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
Who establishes and enforces safety standards for the workplace Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
According to the National Fire Protection Association's coding system, a reactivity hazard is coded yellow
Body fluids that can transmit disease are blood components, urine, stool, semen, vaginal secretions, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, and mucus
Radiation exposure is a major concern for radiographers
A system that is used for damaged electrical or mechanical equipment lockout tag system
Health care workers are legally responsible for familiarizing themselves with disaster policies
The use of correct body mechanics is needed to use the strongest muscles
To get close to an object bend from the hips and knees
If you find a piece of damaged or malfunctioning equipment report it immediately
You read the labels on solution bottles at least how many times? three
If a solution such as acetic acid spills on a counter report it immediately
If a particle gets in your eye report it immediately
Safety glasses are required for some procedures
In case of fire in a health care facility, the most important thing to do is remain calm
The three things needed in order for a fire to start are fuel, heat, oxygen
Ergonomics includes is training in required muscle movements, correct placement of furniture and equipment and an awareness of the environment to prevent injuries
Most fire emergency plans usually include patients and personnel in immediate danger should be removed from the area, the alarm should be activated as soon as possible and electrical equipment and oxygen should be shut off
Solutions used in health care facilities can be dangerous, so avoid eye and skin contact
When handling any electrical equipment, be sure to check first for damaged cords or improper grounds
What fire extinguisher do you use on plastic Class A
What fire extinguisher do you use on burning or combustible metals Class D
What fire extinguisher contains pressurized water Class A
What fire extinguisher do you use on paper, cloth and wood fires Class A
What fire extinguisher do you use on electrical fires Class C
What fire extinguisher do you use on combustible liquids Class B
What fire extinguisher is specific for only one metal Class D
What fire extinguisher is used on gasoline, oil, and paint fires Class B
C stands for nonconductive Class C
Reasons for using good body mechanics muscles work best, makes lifting, pulling and pushing easier, prevents unnecessary fatigue and strain and prevents injury
Ways to identify a patient repeat name twice, ask the patient to state his or her name, check identification wristband, check name on bed, check name on patient record
Safety checkpoints you must observe before leaving a patient in a bed patient is in comfortable position, side rails are elevated if indicated, bed is at lowest level, wheels are locked, call signal and other supplies are within easy reach, area is neat and clean, no safety hazards are present
What is the correct term for the applied science that promotes the safety and well-being of a person by adapting the environment and using techniques to prevent injury? ergonomics
Special precautions that must be observed when oxygen is in use "No Smoking" sign, remove all smoking materials, candles, lighters, and matches; avoid the use of electrically operated equipment; do not use flammable liquids, use cotton blankets, sheets, and gowns to avoid static electricity
What does the acronym PASS stand for? P: pull the pin A; aim the extinguisher at the near edge and bottom of the fire S; squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguisher S; sweep the extinguisher from side to side at the base of the fire
When preparing to use a fire extinguisher you must first pull the pin
What is inside a Class A extinguisher water
The use of microorganisms as weapons to infect humans is called bioterrorism
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