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Pedi V-2

Pediatric Nursing HESI questions

What are the 4 characteristics of Celiac's disease? Steatorrhea (fatty, foul, frothy, bulky stool), general malnutrition, abdominal distention, secondary vitamin deficiencies
Where is gluten found? wheat, barley, rye, oat grains
Celiac disease is characterized by villous atrophy in ... the small bowel in response to the protein gluten
What happens to those who eat gluten that have Celiac disease? There is an accumulation of a toxic substance that is damaging to the mucosal cells
"Gluten free" diet means? it is actually LOW in gluten because it is impossible to remove every source of this protein.
What foods can be substituted for grain foods? Corn and rice
What happens to children who are untreated with celiac disease? They may have lactose intolerance until gluten is removed from diet
What vitamin deficiencies do celiac children have? iron, folic acid, fat-soluble vitamin deficiences
Besides wheat, barley, and rye-free diet -- what other food should celiac disease patients avoid? Oats
T/F: A nurse must advise parents of the necessity of reading all label ingredients carefully to avoid hidden sources of gluten. T
T/F: Sometimes children need a lactose-free diet due to severe mucosal damage T
When a child has inflamed bowel due to celiac disease, what foods should they avoid until the inflammation has subsidded? High-fiber foods: nuts, raisins, raw vegetables, raw fruits with skin
Nursing intervention for a child with Heart Failure (in regards to diet) Offer small, frequent feedings to infant's or child's tolerance
Children with HF: Their caloric needs are _________ than those of the average infant because of their ________metabolic rate, yet their ability to take in adequate calories is hampered by their _____________. Children with HF: Their caloric needs are HIGHER than those of the average infant because of INCREASED metabolic rate, yet their ability to take in adequate calories is hampered by their _____________.
Created by: strinemeyer