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Atlas Project Review

county a subdivision of the state set up to carry out certain governmental functions
county seat the city or town where the county government is located
metropolitan area a central city of over 50,000 residents or a city and its surrounding counties with a total population of 100,000 or more
159 number of counties in GA
Okefenokee Swamp located in the Outer Coastal Plain in SE Georgia; filled with "black water", home to hundreds of species of plants, animals, and reptiles
Radium Springs located near Albany; first opened as a resort casino in 1927; featured sapphire blue water flowing through a crystalline pool; most of the springs have dried up due to drought and algae
Tallulah Gorge 3 miles long and about 1,200 feet deep; use to be known as the "Niagra Falls of the South", but a dam was built so today the river is silent
Stone Mountain a solid grantite mountain that rises 750 feet above the GA Piedmont; known for its Confederate Memorial Carving, which is the largest raised sculpture in the world
Providence Canyon known as the "Little Grand Canyon", it is located in Lumpkin County and is made of multicolored rock level of tan, white, buff, pink, lavendar, red, salmon, and orange hues
Warm Springs located in Pine Mountain; Pres. Roosevelt visited here to treat his polio and even built a home here known as The Little White House
Amicalola Falls located near Dawsonville; means tumbling water in Cherokee; the falls provide an incredible 729-foot cascade of water
Battle of Kettle Creek revolutionary battle fought in GA; a rebel victory that provided a much needed morale boost to the Georgia rebels
Siege of Savannah American and French attempt to defeat the British forces in Savannah; it was unsuccessful and the British occupied the city until the end of the war
Hernando de Soto Spanish explorer; traveled through GA in 1540 looking for gold
Ellijah Clarke rebel colonel at the Battle of Kettle Creek
Battle of Chickamauga Civil War battle in northern GA in late 1863; the Confederates successfully pushed the Union out of GA and back to Chattanooga, but the Union quickly re-grouped and successfully invaded Georgia
March to the Sea Sherman's successful tactic to divide the Confederacy; caused about $100 million dollars in damage
Battle of Atlanta the result of this event was the burning of Atlanta
Andersonville notorious Civil War prisoner of war camp; it was run by the Confederates; conditions were so unsanitary and supplies were so low that over 13,000 Union prisoners died here
Created by: EBlackmon