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Latin Vocaβ

Wheelock chapter 1

TermDefinitionConjugation Part of SpeechImperative
Terreō To Frighten Terrére, terruī Verb Sg. Terrē, Pl. Terrête
Teneō To Hold Tenére, tenuī, tentum. Verb Sg. Tenē Pl. Tenête
Sàlvero Salvēre Hello, greetings Verb Sg. Salvē Pl. Salvēte
Váleō To be strong, have power, be well Valére, valuī, valitūrum Verb Sg. Valē Pl. Valête
Vīvō To live Vivēre, vīxī, victim. Verb Sg. Vivē Pl. Vivête
Rīdeō To laugh Ridēre, rīsī, risum Verb Sg. Ridē Pl. Ridête
Sērvō Keep, save, preserve, guard Sérváre, servāvī, servátum. Verb Sg. Servā Pl. Servâte
Timeó Fear Timêre, timuī. Verb Sg. Timē Pl. Timête
Sedeō To sit Sedêre, sēdī, sessum Verb Sg. Sēdē Pl. Sedête
Níhil Nothing. Noun
Me, myself. Pronoun
Vocō To call Vocâre, vocāvī, vocātum. Verb Sg. Vocā Pl. Vocâte
Spectō To watch Spectâre, spectāvī, spectātum. Verb Sg. Spectā Pl. Spectâte
If. Conjunction
Saépe Often. Adverb
Amō To love Amâre, amāvī, amātum Verb Sg. Amā Pl. Amâte
Tolerō To tolerate Tolerãre, tolerāvī, tolerâtum Verb Sg. Tolerā Pl. Tolerâte
Stō To stand Stare, stētī, statum Verb Sg. Stā Pl. Stâte
Iūvō To help, aid Iūvâre, iūvāvī, iūtum Verb Sg. Iūā Pl. iūāte
Dēbeō To owe, must, should, ought to Debêre, debuī, debitum Verb Sg. Dēbē Pl. Dēbête
Quid What Pronoun
Laudō To praise Laudâre, laudāvī, ladâtum Verb Sg. Laudā Pl. Laudâte
Lūdō To play Ludere, lūsī, lussum Verb Sg. Lude Pl. Ludete
Côgitō To think, plan, ponder Cogitâre, cōgitāvī, cōgitâtum Verb Sg. Cōgitā Pl. Cōgitâre
To give Dare, dēdī, datum Verb Sg. Dā Pl. Date
Moneō To warn Monêre, monuī, monitum Verb Sg. Monē Pl. Monet
Videō To see Vidêre, vīdī, visum Verb Sg. Vidē Pl. Vidête
Nōn Not Adverb
Habeō To have, hold, possess Habēre, habuī, habitum Verb Sg. Habē Pl. Habet
Errō To wander, err, to make a mistake or be mistaken Errâre, errāvī, errâtum Verb Sg.Errā Pl. Errate
Cōnsérvō (Con- servo) To maintain, conserve, preserve Conserāre, conservâvī, conservâtum Verb Sg. Conservā Pl. Conservate
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