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Epithelial Tissues


Epithe Laid on; Covering. The lining covering and glandular tissue of the body
P.A.F.S Protection: Skin, cilia on trachea Absorption: Lines stomach, small intestine Filtration: Kidneys, capillaries Secretion: Glands that produce oil, sweat, enzymes
Desmosomes Points in the cells that bound them together
Apical An unattached surface or edge of the tissue. Is exposed to the exterior of the body, or the cavity of an internal organ.
Basement Membrane The lower surface of the Epithelium that it rests on.
Avascular No blood supply. I.e. Epithelial tissues require diffusion from a capillary bed below or around it because it is avascular.
Simple One Layer of cells
Stratified More than one layer of cells
Pseudostratified One layer, but looks like more. Falsely layered
Squamous Flat, squished cells. Look like fish scales or floor tiles. Found in the lung air sacs and serous membranes (slick membranes that line body cavities). Easy to diffuse gasses and nutrients.
Cuboidal Cube shaped like dice. Rests on a basement membrane. Found in glands and their ducts(pancreas, salivary glands.) Also found in the walls of the Kidneys and Surface of the Ovaries.
Columnar Shaped like Columns. Has goblet cells that produce mucus, found throughout the digestive tract; help move food. Apical surface covered w/ microvilli, increases SA for absorption and secretion.
Pseudostratified columnar Unevenly spaced nuclei and cell shape give the appearance of > 1 cell layer, but all cells are connected to B.M. Line the respiratory tract- contain cilia to trap dust, bacteria, etc. Line Fallopian tubes; move egg to uterus.