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Magistra Ebert

Chapter 5 Sentences

The girls walk often in the garden. Puellae in horto saepe ambulant.
The day is warm. Dies calidus est.
The girls are walking from the garden in to the woods. Puellae ex horto in silvam ambulant.
The river is cold. Rivus frigidus est.
The boys are running in the same woods. Pueri in eadem silva errant.
The girls are sitting near the river. Puellae prope rivum sedent.
Cur Marcus arbores ascendere non vult? Why Marcus does not want to climb trees?
Is he a lazy boy? Estne puer ignavus?
Why don't you like Marcus? Cur tu Marcum non amas?
Marcus neque ignavus neque temerarius est. Marcus is neither lazy nor reckless.
Estne Marcus sollicitus? Is Marcus anxious?
Nothing frightens Sextus! Sextum nihil terret.
Subito lupum conspiciunt. Suddenly they notice a wolf.
Lupus ad rivum descendit. The wolf is coming down to the river.
The girls are terrified. Puellae perterritae sunt.
Immediately they are running. Statim currunt.
Immediately Statim
Immediately they are shouting. Statim clamant.
The boys are immediately running to the girls. Pueri statim ad puellas currunt.
The wolf notices them. Lupus eos conspicit.
Sextus arborem petit. Sextus is looking for a tree.
Sextus arborem ascendit. Sextus is climbing a tree.
Lupus eum terret. The wolf is terrifying him.
Marcus ramum arripit. Marcus grabs a branch.
Marcus lupum repellit. Marcus is driving the wolf off.
The girls are running out of the woods. Puellae e silva currunt.
Ad villam salvae adveniunt. They arrive at the house safe.
Marcus is arriving. Marcus advenit.
Eum laetae excipiunt. They welcome him happily.
Sextus is still sitting in the tree. Sextus adhuc in arbore sedet.
Est perterritus. He is terrified.
He is scared to come down. Descendere timet.
Created by: ebert.irina