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Latin I Vocab A

Basic latin names

femina women
agricola farmer
nauta sailor
ancilla helper
dea goddess
regina queen
filia daughter
colonus farmer
amicus friend
dominus lord/master
puella girl
puer boy
servus servant
vir man
ego i
tu you
nos we
vos ya'll
uxor wife
pater father
mulier women
senex old man
soror sister
mater mother
frater brother
homo man
ille he/she
rex king
hostis enemy
plebs commoner
civis citizen
fur thief
custos guard
dux leader
princeps emperor
pastor shepherd
miles soldier
poeta poet
socius companion
magister teacher
populus people
imperator general
gens race/clan
adulescens youth
nepos grandson
heres heir
vulgus commoner
pectus chest
pes feet
vox voice
caput head
cor heart
corpus live body
cadaver dead body
ossis bone
oris mouth
collum neck
bracchium arm
manus hand
auris ear
nasus nose
oculus eye
dens teeth
digitus finger
genu knee
capillus hair
supercilium eyebrow
cranium skull
cerebrum brain
guttur throat
pulmo lung
cutis skin
dorsum back
latus side
rena kidney
femur thigh
frons forehead
lingua tongue
sanquis blood
iugulum neck
Created by: ashray1103