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study test

If a welder is tested in the 2G position on an 8 inch diameter pipe, what positions and diameters is he qualified to weld? flat and horizontal in plate and flat and horizontal in pipe 2-7/8 in. OD and over
At what temperature range does CUI become more severe 212 -350°F
Hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide (greater than 3 percent) are all in Class service. 1
A close-interval pipe-to-soil potential survey should be made on buried cathodically protected piping to verify that the piping has a protective potential throughout its length. For poorly coated pipes where cathodic protection potentials are inconsistent 5-year
PWHT at 1150°F for carbon steels is considered an effective prevention of what type cracking? caustic stress corrosion cracking
Which is an inspection/monitoring method for chloride stress corrosion cracking? PT or phase analysis EC.
Bolts should extend completely through their nuts. Any which fail to do so are considered acceptable engaged if the lack of complete engagement is not more than one thread
If a "pig" is used for cleaning a pipe or if an "intelligent pig" is used for checking for defects or thickness the pipe line must be free of restrictions and the bends should be diameter formed bends rather than 90 degree weld ells for facilitation of th 5
Who determines if a pressure test is required after a repair is made to a piping system? Inspector
What are the inspection requirements for Class 1 secondary SBP? optional
When an Inspector knows or is advised that environmental cracking may be a problem in a particular piping circuit, what types of inspections would be most effective? WFMT, PT, UT(shear wave}
What is the only category fiuid service that may be subject to an initial in-service leak test? Category D
Prior to a hydrostatic test, a piping system may be subject to a preliminary test using air at no more than _____ psi gage to locate major leaks 25
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