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when were women allowed to study midwifery? 1000 A.D.
what are the two conditions to which nursing should be directed? health and illness
from what period did poor, lower class provide care in unsanitary conditions? 1700-1800
when was the first training program established for practical nurses in New York City? 1892
when was Ballard School established (1st official school for practical nurses)? 1893
LVN title is used in what two states? Texas and California
what did Dorothea Dix do? organized staff and equipment in the Army-1861
when did all states require all nurses to be licensed? 1955
who was Mary Mahoney? 1st African American nurse to work
what are 4 common goals of nursing? promote wellness, prevent illness, facilitate coping, and restore health
who helped mold modern nursing, volunteered services during Crimean War & decreased death rate, and also started first training school? Florence Nightingale
nursing is distinct and separate from the practice of medicine and should be taught by who? Nurses
What were Nightingale's Curriculum beliefs? nutrition, fresh clean air, sick people need occupational and recreational therapy, nurses should help identify and meet patients personal needs, including providing emotional support,continuing education is needed for nurses
how long does it take to be a Licensed practical or vocational nurse? 9 months to 1 year most basic entry level program
how long does it take to get Associates degree for Registered Nurse? 2 year entry education level
what is a certified nurse midwife? a Registered Nurse with further training in midwifery
what is scope of practice? limitations and allowances of what a nurse can do. Nurses responsible for knowing their own scope of practice
what is advanced practice nursing? clinical nurse specialist nurse practitioner certified registered nurse anesthetist nurse midwife
Characteristics of Nurses: being responsible being honest being caring being organized
Nursing is both an.. Art and a Science
The LVN must take the following roles? Caregiver Educator Collaborator Manager
The Art of Nursing is? The caring, creativity, communication, and compassion necessary to connect with patients in a meaningful way
The Science of Nursing is? The analysis and integration of data, the decision making process, and the technical monitoring of patients
The responsibility of the nurse is? caring for several patients & seeing spiritual and physical need are met, performing patient/family teaching & preparing for discharge, noticing changes in patient condition & notifying appropriate health care professional
what are two major entities for healthcare payment? Medicare and Private Insurance
What is Medicare? Government Program for people over 65 or with certain disabilities
What is Private Insurance? Purchased by the individual or employers
What is Criteria for payment of services in skilled nursing facility? -hospitalization 3 days prior to admission -entrance to nursing home within 30 days of hospitalization -100 day maximum per year related to any one hospitalization or diagnosis -patient progress documented by medical staff
what are the types of residential care facilities? long term care assisted living independent living
what are methods of payment for healthcare costs? public health insurance private health insurance insurance for special populations charitable organizations self pay
Medicare Programs: define parts A,B,C,and D Part A: Insurance for hospitalization, home health and skilled nursing facilities Part B: supplementary insurance to pay participating providers Part C: Medicare advantage plans by private insurance companies Part D: Medicare prescription drug coverage
What is Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG's)? hospital receives a set amount of money for patient hospitalized with certain diagnosis
Who are the Medicaid recipients? -poor and medically indigent individuals -pregnant with income below poverty -children meeting certain income level requirements -certain disabled individuals meeting income requirements
What are Heath Maintenance Organizations (HMO's)? -group practice/ enroll for set fee per month -small network of providers -referrals
What are Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO's)? -discounted fees in return for a larger pool of potential patients -insurance rates are lower (discounted) -more providers to choose from
What is Point of Service (POS)? -similar to HMO -Patient can see physician in or out of network
What is Managed Care? -Must prove procedure is necessary -Documentation is vital -Lays the ground work -Attempt at decreasing health care cost
Health Insurance Plans for specific populations; Who are they and what do they do? -TRICARE: active and retired military members and their families -CHAMPVA: Veterans of military service -Workers Compensation: people injured on the job -Disability Insurance: people who can not work due to disability
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